Home-Based Therapy

At a Balanced Approach we offer a home based program for families who wish to have their therapy at home. We provide a registered behaviour therapist and a Senior Clinician (Shauna Pavone, B.A) to oversee all home based programs under the supervision of Clinical Supervisor (Kathie Shaw, MSW, RSW, BCBA)

$55.00/ Hour  

  • Providing direct supervision with your child and an RBT
  • Provide direct supervision to your Senior Therapist
  • On-going review of your child’s PEAK assessment and curriculum tools that are being utilized and ISP to ensure goals are being met
  • Chair team meetings (for parents, and RBTs)
  • Complete a progress review of all acquisition and maintenance programs
  • Research and implement different ABA/VB teaching strategies
  • Ensure best-practice guidelines are followed
  • Review and approve all new programs being implemented
  • Attend case conferences and school planning meeting/IPRC/IEP meetings as required
  • Provide and maintain records and data keeping

Each family will have Senior Therapist (Samantha Shipley, MADS, BCBA) on their team. It is the responsibility of the Senior Therapist to:

  • Create and implement new programs
  • Provide modeling and demonstration of programs to the RBT
  • Update your child’s ISP and update your child’s PEAK assessment or curriculum on a regular basis
  • Research current ABA/VB techniques and strategies
  • Attend team meetings
  • Prepare materials/documentation as required

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