Home-Based Therapy

At a Balanced Approach we offer individualized home based programs tailored to the specific needs of each child.

Our Instructor Therapists come to your home to work with your child on their individualized program overseen by our Senior Therapist (BCBA) and under the supervision of Clinical Supervisor (Kathie Shaw, MSW, RSW, BCBA)

$65.00/ Hour  

  • Providing direct supervision with your child and an RBT
  • Provide direct supervision to your Senior Therapist
  • On-going review of your child’s PEAK assessment and curriculum tools that are being utilized and ISP to ensure goals are being met
  • Chair team meetings (for parents, and RBTs)
  • Complete a progress review of all acquisition and maintenance programs
  • Research and implement different ABA/VB teaching strategies
  • Ensure best-practice guidelines are followed
  • Review and approve all new programs being implemented
  • Attend case conferences and school planning meeting/IPRC/IEP meetings as required
  • Provide and maintain records and data keeping

Each family will have Senior Therapist (Samantha Shipley, MADS, BCBA) on their team. It is the responsibility of the Senior Therapist to:

  • Create and implement new programs
  • Provide modeling and demonstration of programs to the RBT
  • Update your child’s ISP and update your child’s PEAK assessment or curriculum on a regular basis
  • Research current ABA techniques and strategies
  • Attend team meetings
  • Prepare materials/documentation as required