Instructor Therapists and RBTs

 Brittany Berwaldt, (RBT)

After developing a strong interest in the field of psychology, Brittany discovered the IBI field as a student at in her last year at McMaster University. After observing an IBI program during an experiential placement, she knew she wanted to be a part of it and went on to the Autism and Behavioural Science program at Mohawk College. Since she began working as an IT at A Balanced Approach in 2016, Brittany has enjoyed seeing the resilient children she works with grow and learn. She also appreciates the support, expertise and experience of the Balanced Approach team. When she’s not working, Brittany enjoys reading, yoga, crafts and playing the piano.

 Heather Bishop, (RBT)

Heather has always gravitated towards a career in which she could make a difference. During her university career she began to be more exposed to the autism community, and she knew this was the direction she needed to take. Whether it’s the little steps the children make day-to-day, or the huge milestones she gets get to be apart of, it leaves her excited to come in each day. Heather graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2009. Her primary focus was Psychology and Family Relations/Human Development. She completed her Post-Graduate Certificate at Algonquin College with honours in Autism & Behavioural Sciences in 2016. Heather loves that every day is a new experience, and absolutely never dull! Seeing the gains each child makes is amazing, and being part of an awesome team to realize these goals is very rewarding. Outside of work Heather enjoys reading, running, visiting the movie theatre far too often, volunteering with the Children’s Foundation, and spending time with her husband Kirk and dogs Stella and Mila.

Jessica Mercer, (RBT)

Jessica has always had a passion for working with children since she was a child herself. During one of her ECE field placements, she met a young boy with autism whom she connected with right away. It was then that she decided she wanted to work more closely with children living with Autism. A few years after graduating ECE from Conestoga College, getting married and having some babies, she took the Autism Behavioral Sciences program at Mohawk College and graduated with Honors. That same year she joined A Balanced Approach and has fallen in love with her job and the center team. She loves the excitement the children have when they are enjoying their most favored toys and activities, as well as the milestones they are able to achieve with ABA/IBI therapy.  She feels truly blessed to be someone who looks forward to Mondays! In the near future, she hopes to continue her education to be able to upgrade her RBT certification with the BACB, to a BCaBA.

Gabrielle Walsh, (RBT) Photo to come…

Gabrielle has always had a passion for educating young children and creating an inclusive environment for those with special needs. Gabrielle has several close family members on the Autism Spectrum, so she has grown up attending many therapy appointments for her sister and learning how to support different developmental stages.

Gabrielle graduated the Early Childhood Education program at Conestoga College in 2016. She went on to open a Home Childcare program in 2016 so she could raise her daughters and take the Autism & Behavioural Sciences program through Conestoga College. She completed her second placement at A Balanced Approach as an Instructor Therapist and was offered a position in November 2018. Gabrielle loves creating new learning opportunities that are supportive of each child’s needs and documenting their developmental progress. She looks forward to learning something new each day, and spending time with the amazing children at A Balanced Approach!
Outside of work, Gabrielle enjoys going for nature walks with her two daughters Lilly and Chloe. In the future, Gabrielle would really like to learn sign language to help further her knowledge and skills when working with non-verbal children.

Meghan McCoy, (RBT)

Meghan has known she wanted to work with kids from a very young age. After completing a teaching degree and teaching grade one for 4 years she realized she enjoyed working one on one with children with special needs more than teaching in a classroom setting. Meghan went back to school, completed the Autism and Behavioural Sciences program and started doing home and centre based therapy with A Balanced Approach. Meghan loves this job because she feels the relationships you develop with the kids and their families are so special and it is rewarding to see the progress the kids make.  Everyday is different and the kids and centre staff truly do make this job so much fun.  Outside of work – Meghan enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and spending time with her husband and 3 kids.

Samantha Reimer, (RBT)

Samantha completed a bachelors of education and wanted to work with kids to make a difference in their lives, so she completed her autism and behavioural sciences graduate certificate. Samantha fulfilled one of her field placements with A Balanced Approach and loved the experience she had in an IBI setting. She started working in the centre in 2018 after completing her ABS program. Samantha loves working with the team to help kids reach their full potential and finds it exciting to see them work so hard to reach new goals! Outside of work Samantha likes to play piano, go biking, paint and read.

Vanessa Puim, (RBT)
Vanessa graduated from the Autism and Behavioural Sciences program at Mohawk College in 2017. She completed her second placement as a student at A Balanced Approach and afterwards joined the team full-time. She graduated from Conestoga College in 2016 with her Early Childhood Education diploma. Vanessa loves working with the children and is excited to work with the team and learn more each and everyday. She loves being able to be a part in the lives of her clients and make a positive impact. Outside of work she likes to go camping, read, watch movies, care for her dog Lola and cat Luna and travel to the Azores islands and visit family.

Whitney Bell, (RBT)

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences at the University of Guelph, Whitney got a job as a nanny for a young girl. She discovered her love for working with children, and after looking into the field she decided to continue her education at George Brown College in the Autism and Behavioural Science program. Whitney loves coming to work everyday knowing that something amazing will happen. In her free time, Whitney enjoys hiking, reading, watching movies, and playing with her cat, Taz.

Ashley Brandon (IT)  ….Photo to come

Ashley has known she wanted to work with children since elementary school. She graduated from Fanshawe College in 2018 with an honours bachelor of early childhood leadership degree. During one of her placements, she met a little boy with autism and realized this was the field she wanted to be in. After graduating Ashley went on to acquire her autism and behavioral science certificate. She completed her second placement as a student at A Balanced Approach and was offered a position thereafter. She is very excited to see what the future holds and is looking forward to watching the children she works with continue to learn and grow. Outside of work she likes to read, watch movies, hang out with friends, and play with her two dogs Daisy and Maverick.